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Kids start learning about money as early as age 3. Are you teaching them positive habits to grow into successful adults?

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What’s money all about anyway? Come along with Sunny Squirrel and Daisy Deer as they earn their first allowances and learn the value of short-term and long-term savings! Will Sidney the Snake tempt them into frivolous spending or will they successfully save toward their long-term rewards? This fun story opens the door to household conversations about money and responsibility. The whole family will enjoy getting to know these loveable characters and applying the lessons learned into your household!

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Darrah Brustein was born and raised on an historic horsefarm outside of Philadelphia. In her youth, she was given many chores and an allowance. But it wasn’t until her family moved south to Baltimore when she was eleven that her financial education truly began. There, she was taught the indelible lessons of saving, earning, investing, and giving back. Upon high school graduation, Darrah was ready for her independence; she moved to Atlanta, Georgia, to attend Emory University. She studied Religion and Italian and graduated Phi Beta Kappa in 2006. After college, Darrah wanted to pursue a passion, so she took a job as a sales rep for a high-end fashion line.